Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Tagging gun

This little machine is one of my favourite tools. As you all know I am a hand stitcher but every now and then when deadlines are pressing I dust off my machine. I baste all my quilts for both hand and machine quilting with these little tags. The advantages for hand quilting are, they are light and your thread doesn't catch around them. And if you are wanting to machine quilt the big thing is you can stitch right over the top of them without any problems. No stopping to remove pins.
Here is a quick view of how I use it

I tape my backing fabric down, lay batting carefully on top then your quilt top

Pin lightly, every 12 inches or so. Just enough to hold your layers together. This is an extra step but I find for the 10 minutes it takes it is worth the effort.

Remove the tape carefully, making sure you don't upset your layers

Slip your hand underneath and fire the tags between your fingers. You need to elevate the quilt slightly as the point of the gun needs to penetrate all the layers

And now I groan as I try to ditch stitch!
Not my strongest talent. ( I feel the need to pop a little hand quilting somewhere)
If you would like one go to and they are listed in "new notions" . You won't regret it. I purchased mine in Japan 15 yrs ago and it's still going strong