Tuesday, 9 October 2012



Gypsy Wife - Pattern booklet


Green Tea and Sweet Beans - Pattern booklet

The Circle Game - Pattern booklet


Broken Glass - Quilt Pattern.

Carnival - Applique Alphabet Pattern

Chain of Fools - Quilt Pattern

Chain Reaction - Quilt Pattern

Georgetown on my Mind - Quilt Pattern

Midnight at the Oasis- Quilt Pattern

Stardust - Quilt Pattern

State Fair - Quilt Pattern

Steam Punk - Quilt Pattern

Twinkle Twinkle  Cot Quilt Pattern

 What colour is an elephant? - Cot Quilt Pattern


  1. So much gorgeousness - I want to do them all ......
    good luck in the USA Jen!

    Ali Fergusson
    (in Sydney working on The Gypsy Quilt and Green Tea & Sweet Beans currently )

  2. I love your quilts! I wish I had access to your patterns in the U.S. instead of ordering from across the world. I don't think I have the patience to wait so long for shipping. LOL

  3. Hi Jen! My name is Shannon and I own Treasured Threads, an online quilt shop in the US that specializes in only Australian designer patterns. Please contact me (http://www.treasuredthreadsonline.com) so that we can talk about carrying your patterns in my store! :) Thanks!

  4. I am unable to find any stockist online in the US that carry Green Tea and Sweet Beans. Is it not out yet?

  5. Jen, will you be at Houston Quilt Market 2013 in October? We would love to visit you & purchase patterns for our store in the U.S.A. Www.broadbentsquiltshop@gmail.com

  6. Hi, Jen! I have a shop in Arlington Wa. How can I get your patterns?

  7. Love your work-read about you in Canton's blog. Will start following you.

  8. I want to make 5 of your patterns! Love your work!!

  9. Hi Jen, I own a quiltshop in The Netherlands and would love to sell your patterns, and run the Green Tea and Sweet Beans one as a BOM... could you please contact me at www.quiltiana.nl to advise how to order your patterns and how you the BOM could be run? Many thanks in advance! Kr, Tiana

  10. Hello Jen,
    I have a quilt shop in The Netherlands and would love to sell your patterns, and run the Gipsy wife and the Green Tea as a BOM ... could you please contact me at leur@quiltshop.nl to advise how to order your patterns? Many thanks in advance! Monique

  11. Is it possible to just purchase the pattern for "Bring Me Flowers", since I live in the USA - Utah, and don't know how to sign up for a block of the month here? Or is there a local shop in Utah who might be teaching the pattern? Bonnie Miles bonnieamiles@gmail.com