Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fun times

August and September saw me travelling to New Zealand and Norway.
I so enjoyed both of these amazingly beautiful countries. Today I will pop on a few pics of NZ
From the snowy mountain tops to the rugged coast line.
I visited 3 great stores Kitz n Thingz in Invercargill, Cottage Flair in Rotarua and then off to the Apple Basket in Kiawaka. From the southern most tip to almost to the Northern most!

We did do some stitching but a lot of laughing also

Some show and tell. I love seeing what everyone is working on.

A little crochet breakfast. Believe me this was the only calorie controlled meal I had

Thank you Angela, Jill and Ngaire for your hospitality. I had a great time


  1. We mentioned your wonderful classes on our blog:

  2. Hey Jen, just found your blog via a picture of your amazing Carnival Alphabet. Is there anywhere in New Zealand where I can get the pattern for the Alphabet?

  3. Hi,
    I was reading through your blog a little which was linked with the Splendid Sampler. It so awesome that you go to go to NZ. My mother is from there and I have been there several times. I think it is the most beautiful country. I often ask my mom why she left such a beautiful place to come to America, LOL. You have some beautiful quilts!

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