Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Life from a different angle

Last year Moda designers/families were asked to write about life in the weeks leading up to quilt market.
My husband wrote mine and kept it relatively nice. Tonight I'm being real!!! 
I prepared a lovely dinner, and poured a glass of bubbles for making it through the day and crossing some things off the list...............................but just don't turn around😳

It all depends on the angle

And this is the table we should be eating at. The lovely roses are making it look much prettier than it really is
As I say, everything is not always as it seems


  1. Sooo, I've been living a 'designer life' all these years and never realized it! This is indeed what things look like with a big project and a deadline around here, too.

  2. Love this and thanks for the good laugh and for doing "market". As I know it is WORK and parts not fun. But have some fun next week when the work is finished.

  3. I love how "real" this post is....makes me giggle! Thank you for turning around and posting! I'm still giggling.....

  4. Thanks for being real with us! Social media often gives us such a false sense of reality, and can make our own lives seem like there is something not quite up to snuff! I am currently working on Gypsy Wife, by the way, and I am loving it so much! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. You are normal! I'm normal!!! Thanks for being real and sharing the other angle! I often wonder how my quilting can over take the house and the pics I see, everyone else is so put together!!!
    I love your works of art!!!!

  6. Thanks for showing "all"!

  7. Jen, I love this post. We we see these designers with incredibly manicured homes..... do we see the whole picture? I think not. xx

  8. Thank you for being real....your work abd creations are beautiful

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