Jen Kingwell is a quilt designer from Melbourne, Australia.
Owner of Amitié Textiles

 "I have been fortunate in my life to have had 2 careers, both involving a needle in my hand. I began nursing after leaving school, and after many years experiencing different disciplines I settled into midwifery which was the most rewarding and fantastic work place. I was privileged to be included into the life changing, everyday miracles of child birth.
In 1999 I purchased my share of a quilt shop. This was the beginning of my 2nd career. One which is also very rewarding! After a couple of years of working both jobs, I finished nursing.
I have always loved fabric and threads and over the years I have tried almost every craft. Eg. Padded tissue box covers, photo frames, macramé, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, dried flower arranging, stenciling… the list goes on!

The aspect of my life that gives me enormous pleasure is my family. Richard and I have 3 daughters, Meg, Abby and Lucy. Meg is a primary school teacher, Abby works in the fashion world and many of you know Lucy who works at Amitie.

I enjoy the design process of quilt making and I would describe my style as ‘eclectic’. Hand sewing is most enjoyable but I am also comfortable behind a sewing machine. Bright colours always attract me and I am quite often adding black and white or grey to a quilt. Most people think this is because I am a Collingwood supporter (Aussie Rules football team) and these are the team colours but I just think I love black and white!
I hope you enjoy my patterns. I am always working on new designs so please revisit this blog to see them."

If you're looking to stock any of our patterns, please e-mail us at jenkingwelldesigns@gmail.com.
If you're a customer looking to purchase you can buy them HERE from Amitie Textiles or view the lists of stockists HERE.

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Amitié Textiles carries a huge range of inspiring fabrics suitable for patchwork, dress making, quilting, home décor and other craft and sewing projects. We specialize in Japanese and international designer fabrics that appeal to the young in years and young at heart. Our fabrics appeal to both the sophisticated and the traditional sewist.

Service for our online and in-store customers is important to us. Because of this, our staff is carefully chosen for their sewing skills, and their commitment to provide the best shopping experience to our customers. Whether you need assistance in choosing a fabric, or help with your latest sewing project, we are always happy to help.


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  1. I saw your Stardust quilt in Quilt Mania magazine, it is a beautiful quilt. Did you know that the block you used is titled Nebraska Windmill? It is the state quilt block for the state of Nebraska in the United States. There are four outlines of the state in each block along with four mirror image outlines

  2. Hi Jen, I am so excited to discover your first fabric line and can hardly wait for it to be in stores. I am so very happy you chose one of my favorite vintage feedsack prints, the circles with plaid in the background. All the prints are so beautiful and suit your amazing eclectic quilting style. Thank you for designing for us quilters! Camille in America.

  3. Hi Jen, I am so excited to discover your first fabric line and can hardly wait for it to be in stores. I am so very happy you chose one of my favorite vintage feedsack prints, the circles with plaid in the background. All the prints are so beautiful and suit your amazing eclectic quilting style. Thank you for designing for us quilters! Camille in America.

  4. I need help!!!! I finished my Gypsy Wife and it turned out amazing so I thought I woyld try Circle Game. I can't even get block one done correctly. HELP please.

  5. Hi!
    I would love to make your Gypsy Wife Quilt, but need to purchase the pattern booklet. Can you help? Also...is there any way I can "follow along" the past Quilt along?
    Thanks a million for your help!

  6. I was hoping you could help me out with the pattern for the Steampunk quilt. Would love to make it for my grandson.
    Thank you

  7. Hi Jen,
    We recently purchased your Green Tea and Sweet Beans book for our store and decided really quickly we wanted to have a group meet to construct the quilt. We are using a variety of Zen Chic, Bonnie and Camille, Sweetwater and Lori Holt fabrics while trying to do your pattern justice. Looking forward to sharing our photos on our FB page..

    Your fans in Grapevine, TX
    Must Love Fabric

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  9. I am in the process of cutting for your "she loves me" pillow and find that the sizes in the book, Quilt Lovely, don't add up - the rectangles are all short. Is this right?

    1. I've checked and asked several people who have made it and can't find a problem. I've sent you an email also

  10. Hi Jen, I would love to purchase the Gypsy Wife pattern booklet. Can you send info? Thanks, Nancy

  11. Hi Jen, I love the quilt that you made in half square triangles using neutral shades of white and grey .I believe it was on dairy of a quilter"2015. I can't find the pattern--it probably would be very easy to put together but I am new to piece quilting. If you have specific directions for cutting and assembling I would love for you to send them on my E-mail. I would pay you for any information. I purchased some beautiful fabric under the direction of a friend, However I have already purchased 20 - 1/2 yards of shades of white and grey and now I do not want to ruin it.Do you have a video of how to cut and sew strips layered one on top of the other-- drawing a line from triangle corner to corner and sewing on either side and then cutting down that drawn center line? I am confused as to where to go next. my e-mail----colesvickie@gmail.com'' Thank you for any help you can offer me.

  12. I love your pattern Gypsy Wife, where can I find it?

  13. Hi Jen,
    I would love to carry your patterns in my shop. I live on Vancouver Island ,BC
    We have a guild here if around 350 members.
    Please let me know if you have a wholesaler distributor in Canada.
    Many thks.

  14. What was your inspiratin for the gypsy wife quilt?

  15. How do I sign up for your wonderful blog? thank you very much-- I love all yourj work and all your patterns and fabrics..

  16. Can I ask a question here? Gypsy Wife yardage requirements show 40 strips 2 1/2 inch X WOF. Pattern instructions show most of them cut at 1 1/2, with just a few at 1 inch. Is the 2 1/2" just giving me some cutting cushion?? Thanks

  17. I cannot find the pattern corrections for Gypsy wife on your blog for page 28 - where can I find them? Karyl Smith, karylsmith@gmail.com

  18. Would appreciate it if the corrections on page 5 and page 28 of the Gypsy Wife booklet could be republished.
    Thank you
    Liz Jongeneel 20morgana57@gmail.com

  19. Bought your pattern "Gypsy Wife" and was looking through the instructions. At this time I only have a question about the diagrams at the last. Please let me know what the symbol that looks like an asterisk means. I understand the < means to sew that direction but haven't found where you have told us about the asterisk.

  20. I ran across your jellyroll rug, on accident, while looking at something else on Pinterest and I fell in LOVE! I don't even own a sewing machine, haven't actually created anything since I was a young girl with my mom (she died when I was 17, so I kind of lost my enthusiasm). You might have regained my interest! However, if I don't actually get to it, is there a place where we can purchase your creations? I would purchase that gorgeous jellyroll rug immediately!