Tuesday 2 February 2016


I have always known how absolutely hopeless I am at social media!!! But Amy Smart has really shown me just how bad I am.
Last week I was so lucky to be part of Winterquiltfest in Logan Utah.
12 months ago Amy Maxfield emailed me and asked if I would come to Utah. Little did I know when I said yes, what a wonderful thing I was going to be part of.
When I found out Amy Smart was going to be teaching also I was so excited.
I flew into Salt Lake City

And stayed with Amy at Marci's home for the night.

I was so excited when it snowed overnight and I was greeted to this in the morning. 
The girls indulged me to a great day of quilt store hopping on the way to Logan.

Here we are at Pine Needles in Gardner Villiage West Jordan. I was thrilled to see their version of Green Tea and Swet Beans. It's stunning.
We drove through "the pass" on our way to Logan. I could not stop thinking of the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and when I spoke to  my husband he asked " are you stopping to pick some sorrel" ?? I know for those of you who are used to snow this is so silly, but for me it was just so special!

We arrived in Logan and met up with the amazing Amy Smart

The attention to detail and welcome by Amy M, Dallin and Jake was fabulous.

Now here is where I get really bad.
Classes were great with everyone getting lots of things done but I always just forget to get the camera out. So here is my very poor effort....thank goodness for Amy S who has lots of photos on her blog!

Here is Lisa Garlick ( who also taught) and her friends. The teaching line up was impressive. It was so great to meet Lisa, Melissa Corry, Jen Alexander, Carol Armstrong just to mention a few of the talented teachers
If you wish to see the trunk shows of both Amy and I go to www.diaryofaquilter.com Thank heavens she is a superstar and has some pics for us

The food was amazing, the company superb and it was just an all out great weekend.

I am so grateful to Amy M for asking me to come, looking after me so well and treating me to a family dinner at her home which was a highlight. ( thanks for the snow ball fight girls) 
The following morning before heading to the airport we crossed the state line into 

and visited the girls at Suppose quilt store in Preston ( the home of Napoleon Dymanite). Kathy and Jo have supported me since day dot. It was great to see their beautiful store.

Such a lovely week. I must say, for me who has not spent any time in the snow I was totally fascinated by the "quiet". It was truly amazing.


  1. Darling Jen...it was indeed a treat to meet and take 2 classes from you at Winter Quiltfest. You are exactly as adorable and lovable as I imagined you would be!

  2. Aww, I just want to tell you again how much I loved being with you! You are such a gem and now that you talk about Seven Brides and gathering sorrel, I know that you are a true kindred spirit. ;) That event was such a treat! Love you friend!

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